Yay! Friday!

After not sleeping much last weekend and a whirlwind week of author giveaways on Facebook, plus my current promotion (you can still get The Cardinal Gate for freeeeeee on Amazon), I’m ready for the weekend.

You know, when things slow down!


Tomorrow is set to be pretty busy. I need to dig deep into rewrites of The Ruby Blade so I can get it to my editor in just over a month. (ACK!) I need to run. I have a tattoo cover-up consult. An eye doctor appointment. I need to drop off books at the bookstore that’s going to put MY BOOKS on the shelf. For people to buy!

So – this is me, asking for a wee tiny favor. If you read my books, regardless of how you personally felt about them, could you head over to Amazon and give them a review? (Honestly, I’d even be thrilled with a 1-star review on the Cardinal Gate, because I’m missing that one, and I want a full set!)


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