Writerly Wednesday: What Am I Doing?

My book is with my editor, who is probably editing out all the deaths so she can win our super serious killing contest.

I am working on book three in the series. Funny story! I wrote Book 3 in 2014-2015. I wrote Book 4 in 2016. I have now decided that book the third needs to be split into two. So, I found my split point and am now rewriting book three to be long enough and murdery enough.

I’m three chapters into the rewrite, and have already killed two street urchins. (Do I get bonus points if I kill off kids? Or do I lose points if I don’t fatten them up and eat them?)

I’m hoping to get through the book this week and decide where it needs fattening up and get through the rewrite and second draft by the end of June so I can send it off to my beta readers in July and get started on the rewrite of the 4th book, which will be more significant.

At some point, I’d like to write something new. I’m working on Raj’s story (chapter two will go out with the newsletter next week!), but can’t write the next book in Eleanor’s series until I get back from Romania. I’ve been doing almost nothing but writing and rewriting and editing since December and I’m itching to start fresh with a blank page.

I think once I get The Waning Moon out the door, I’ll start on my 13th century Icelandic novel. I am so ready to do the research!

In the meantime, I just need to buckle down, put my nose to the grindstone, and other hard work clichés so I can ramp up both my productivity and my kill count.


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