So now what?

As you may have heard, yesterday The Cardinal Gate was released. I had almost zero expectations on how well it would do. That’s perfect, because that means I exceeded those expectations! I have now sold more books than ever before! (Ever before was zero…it’s good to have low expectations.)

Release night celebratory champagne!

It was extremely gratifying to see all the nice things people were saying about my book. After months and years of waffling back and forth between thinking it was okay and thinking it was the worst thing ever written, it was nice to have people say they like it. I mean, let’s not get crazy – at least 61.7% of me thinks that everyone’s lying to protect my feelings, but I’m okay with that. Thanks for being nice, people.

Anyway, now that’s done and I can retire with my piles of cash money, right?


What’s next, you’re (probably not) asking.

I have the second book in my Eleanor Morgan series written. The Waning Moon (still on the fence about that title) is in the author-editing phase. It’ll go to my first reader by the end of the month and then to my beta readers shortly thereafter. When I count out the timeline in my head, it works to anticipate being ready to release in August, with book three coming out this time next year, etc.

I have the first four already written and the first in a new series done as well. I also have most of a Raj novella done that I’ll plan to release after book 3 for reasons.


Also planned – an Isaac origin story and some information on what exactly Florence was doing in the sixties. Plus, I guess I should write the last three books (and I need to go to Romania for book 5).

And then there’s the other series which is very heavy in the Norse mythology and Scandinavian settings. I did the research for the second book in Iceland in August, but will need to hit up Sweden at some point as well. (This research is a tough gig…)

So, the very long answer for what’s next is

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In the space that it’s taken me to write this blog post, I’ve already set a deadline to get stuff to my new editor. Which means I need to get to work.

I’m certainly not going to argue with these nice gentlemen.



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