Hitting the refresh button on my brain

I wrapped up my draft of The Waning Moon last night and sent it to my beta readers. Fortunately for me, one of them was traveling for work today and got through the first five chapters on the plane this morning! (shout out to Nichole!)

Timeline Aside: I finished The Cardinal Gate in December 2013. I finished the second draft in the summer of 2015. I sent it to an editor in September 2016. This is not the ideal turnaround time for a series if I want to keep people interested! (I wrote this book in the summer of 2014, but did the second draft in 2.5 weeks…so progress?)

This week, I’ll write the blurb (ugh) and a synopsis (double ugh) for The Waning Moon and start working with my cover artist.

Newsletter will go out Wednesday with an exclusive excerpt from The Waning Moon as well as the first chapter of Raj’s story.

I’m excited to do some writing again! Raj’s story needs to be finished and I have a new book to outline and write so I can use my Iceland research!

Today, though…today is about recharging my overtaxed brain cells. I headed up to the trails to get a little bit dirty. I ran in the general vicinity of the first gate–Forest Park where Eleanor spent so much of her time!


PS – If you haven’t yet, head over to Amazon to see the fantastic reviews The Cardinal Gate has received – and leave one of your own!

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