Rainy Days and Mondays

When I woke up this morning, it was raining so hard it felt like the house was vibrating. This week’s weather forecast is heavy rain, heavy rain, possible thunderstorms, snow, snow, sunny with snow.

Current situation


We are now at 4 days until I’m 40 and 8 days until my book goes live. This is an exciting yet busy week.

Fortunately, I had a pretty low-key weekend. The Bean was not feeling so hot, so we just hung around home. I did get to go see “Imperial Dreams,” which you absolutely want to watch on Netflix. (PS – I totally know one of the writers.) (PPS – bring tissues.)

Yesterday was much lounging and lazing. We were going to go to a movie – my first theater experience with the Bean – but he just wasn’t feeling well enough. (However, he did tell me this morning that he can’t wait to tell all his friends about the movie. The one we didn’t go to.)

The next four days are going to be jam-packed.

My number one priority is to take my novel that I received back from the proofreader yesterday and make sure it’s error free. And then? I will hunker down to format. (Have I mentioned how much I’m enjoying formatting? I have? Great.)

This week’s mantra

So – formatting. All the formatting.

I’ve got my Goodreads author page set up. My Amazon author page is likewise set up. I do want to add an author photo. Last week, I put on make-up and did my hair THREE times. And all three times, neglected to get a photo of me looking all pretty and professional. I may just have to use this picture. It’s a more accurate representation of me, anyway.


As for my weekly goals check-in:

I ran/walked on Monday & did a great yoga class on Tuesday. And that was it. Yeah. Lamesauce. (Wednesday I was feeling all sorts of not good, and then I just got lazy, I guess.)

I also did a crap job of eating lunch. Like ever. (Maybe I ate once?)

Same for fruits &  vegetables.

I did good with water! Yay me!

So – this week. Again. Same goals.

Today is a busy day, but I am going to set aside 45 minutes mid-afternoon for some yoga at home. I had a fruit & greens smoothie for breakfast, and there will be squash in my dinner, so already I’m winning at fruits and vegetables!


Happy week, everyone! (And don’t forget – you can totally pre-order my book!)

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