Three Things Thursday – Unemployment Plans Edition

Yesterday was the first day where I officially felt unemployed. I had friends in town through mid-day Tuesday, so Monday and Tuesday felt more like “I took some time off to hang out” days. Yesterday, the only thing that I had to do was to get Bean to preschool.

So, other than lounge around in a robe and eat bon bons and watch soap operas, what am I going to do with my time?

  1. Work out. A lot. I’ve lost a lot of fitness in the last year, and my clothes (and me) are feeling it. When I get back into the work force, I want to do it comfortably in clothes I already own.
    Yesterday I ran in Forest Park (love you, trail running!) in the morning and then hit up a Power Barre class in the evening, because I do not dive into things half-assed. Whole ass or nothing is my motto. (Right after my newly adopted motto of “Taco Bell tacos are the same as salad.” Hat tip to Mel for that one.) Today is an easy day – just some yoga, but I’m going forward with five days/week starting yesterday!
  2. Write. A lot. I hit my 2K word count goal yesterday, and am going to go for 4K or “The End” on my WIP, whichever comes first. There’s 1.5 scenes that are unwritten yet in my WIP because they needed a bit more research, but it will essentially be finished no later than tomorrow.
  3. Edit. A lot. I need to get through the first edits of my Eleanor book #2. I’ve also hired an editor to prep my Eleanor book #1 for publication (we’re doing three rounds there). My plan is to write in the morning, edit in the afternoon, job hunt in between.

I’m ambitious – but you knew that. I’m grateful for this opportunity to do what I love in between jobs. As I was telling a friend (Alisha, who very generously agreed to go to the Barre class with me last night), I am happier than I’ve been in longer than I can remember. I am living the good life.

Where the magic happens.

Where the magic happens.

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