Three Things Thursday: Autumn Edition

Autumn is the best season. There is actually no way to argue this statement without sounding ridiculous. STUDIES HAVE BEEN DONE!*

The three best things about autumn, in no particular order:

  1. Halloween. Obviously.





I’m having trouble deciding what to be this year. The last couple years, I’ve gone as a battle goddess/psychopomp, but I’m running out of interest in the this theme without resorting to cultural appropriation. (I think I’m out of passes on that, since I dressed as an American Indian for Halloween at least once as a child.)

Sexy grim reaper did come up as an idea yesterday, and really, who can say no to boob skulls? But I’m not sure that’s where I want to go…*sigh*


  1. Sweaters and hoodies and leggings and unicorn onesies.1918100_10154192460434410_6324118669962194983_n
  2. Dark beer and fun hats and cribbage (I don’t know why it feels like a winter game to me, but it does).




It’s not quite cold enough yet – highs in the low 70s still – but my writing cave is a frigid 60 degrees, so I sit down here in my hoodie with the space heater on and pretend. Now if someone would just bring me a porter, life would be pretty damn good. (A porter and my cribbage opponent would tip the scales towards perfect.)

*Possibly. I don’t know. But I wrote it in all caps, so it must be true. Caps-yelling=fact, doncha know.

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