Turning 40…

Which, if we’re lucky, all of us accomplish.

So, I’m turning 40. Not this week or anything. Not even next year. I’m turning forty in one year, two months, and one day.

I want 2016 to be a kind of 39-themed year.

To that end, I am planning on reading 39 books. (I mean, I’ll probably go ahead and read another 125-150 books, because that’s how I roll…my life is pretty exciting.)

But 39 books that are more than just one-clicks when I have insomnia. Thirty-nine books that are the books you most treasure. Thirty-nine books I’ve not read before.

My “read” list is here, and yes, it’s long. But tell me – what am I missing? You can comment here or on my facebook page. (If you’ve a new release coming out in 2016 that should absolutely be on my list of 39, let me know. I’m looking at you, Hunter!)  In a couple weeks, I’ll share the books I’m planning on reading (and subsequently reviewing) with you and we can argue the merits of the list.

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