I should be working – WRITE NOW!

Or, edit now as the case may be.

It is Friday. 10:30ish (or will be by the time I post this, anyway.) This week has been crazifying.

I am reaching the end of my tether with this “vacation” thing.

Monday, Alvie Bean was sent home from daycare a completely ridiculous reason. Vomit! Shouldn’t my highly paid childcare professionals, most of whom are in the 1% also have to clean up my kid’s sick so I don’t have to? Isn’t that how this works?

It’s not?

Oh…Okay then.

Tuesday, the architect stayed home all day with Bean whilst I took myself out to various and sundry place to drink too much coffee and edit.

By the end of the day Tuesday I’d cut 5300 words of my 45K goal. Not bad, right?

Wednesday, Alvie was back at daycare, and although his appetite wasn’t 100%, he made it through the entire day without getting sent home for extraneous bodily fluids.

I spent the morning at a coffee shop, had lunch with the achitect, and then came home to do more work.

By Wednesday afternoon, I was 7500 down. That is like…only 16%, but I was only 4.5 chapters in.

Yesterday morning (Thursday), I took Bean for his three-year checkup. It was pretty exciting because he got to have blood drawn to check his hemoglobin levels and he got to watch the blood come out of his body. It was like his birthday and winter solstice rolled into one. I don’t think anyone’s ever been so excited to have blood drawn. Ever.

I don’t think Tom Cruise has been lurking about. Maybe I need to set a trap.

And then, the day just went downhill from there. BUT, the good news is that I am still murder free! (If I ever run for President, that will be my entire platform: “Vote for me! I’m murder free!”)

Things did look up in the evening, and I became exponentially less angry.

Yesterday’s total words cut? Probably about 15.

And here we are. Friday morning. I have done NOTHING useful today (except a load of laundry). I’m leaving soon to meet the architect for lunch again. But then, THEN! I will come home and get to at least 10K words cut.

The process is slower but easier than I expected (which is just how I like it).

I like my men like I like my coffee…

Not working certainly has its advantages, and I’d be willing to take this “not working” thing on as a permanent gig if someone would agree to send me bags of money every couple of weeks. Let me know, and I’ll send you my contact information.

I still believe I can finish this shit show of words by the end of the month as long as I can keep focused and balance the workouts with the writing. We’ll see how well I do.

(This post is dedicated to my first reader and PSM for life.)

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