Greasy Meat Water is [not] a great band name

My Friday is not off to an auspicious start. I stepped on one of Alvie’s 9,482,439 train accessories this morning – barefoot, of course – and rolled my ankle, then slipped and pulled a tiny little muscle in my lady garden region. I may have said some inappropriate-for-small-children-to-repeat words.

A few minutes later, I was washing a bowl and spoon (because I neglected to start the dishwasher last night, I had to wash dishes by hand like a COMMONER!) and decided I could do it around the slow cooker filled with soapy water in an attempt to make washing it as procrastinatey easy as possible.

I somehow bumped said slow cooker and it tilted, unleashing a tsunami of soapy water tainted with the leavings of the most delicious roast to ever grace my belly. I was drenched from neck to sad, bare feet.

Why doesn’t Bean understand that his hunger should rate lower than my need for morning caffeine

I looked so cute today, too. *Sigh*

BUT BUT BUT! It’s not all bad. I mean, I ugly cried on my way to work because I’m relistening to Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid series and I’m a bit into “Hunted” and got to the part where [spoiler] Oberon the Irish wolfhound says things that always make me cry because FEELS!

Damn that Luke Daniels for bringing Oberon to life so remarkably.

However, besides suffering from “fucking bad choice Friday” syndrome (as Cat so eloquently put it), I’ve been having a decent week.

I haven’t had to suppress any murderous rage since decided that I was out of fucks to give about idiots.


I’ve been #wycwyc-ing my way through my week. (Review coming Tuesday!) It helps that the kidlet has been sleeping like a mostly normal human being lately. He is into the “why” stage now though, and that really does pull you into a dark rabbit hole of “because that’s the way physics work, for the love of Frejya!”

He’s still cute, though, and working on his sand raking skills.

"Mommy, I NOT a zen butterfly, I a zen BANANA." Duly noted, kid. Duly noted.

“Mommy, I NOT a zen butterfly, I a zen BANANA.”
Duly noted, kid. Duly noted.

My main problem with everything right now is procrastiflation. Everything seems so hard (twss) and the longer I put it off, the harder it seems.

I need to apply some of the wycwyc skills I’m incorporating into other ares of my life to the things that cause me the most effort in stress-avoidance. Editing (I hates it, but not really, I don’t know what my problem is), speed work, swimming for some reason right now. My to do list at work. Finding people to do some minor work on my house so we can get it ready to sell.

And, for the first time in my life: reading.

Yes, you read that correctly. I AM PROCRASTINATING READING. I cannot even with the romance novels anymore. I basically want everyone to die and am disappointed when the protagonists, against all odds, end up together.

happily ever after

The good news is that I’m getting really, really good at Candy Crush and am on level 920 now. The bad news is that I’m getting really, really good at Candy Crush and am on level 920.

If I don’t get off (or on?) my ass and start reading, my research partner is going to get angry, and I don’t think I’ll like her angry. (I mean, I can try to pacify her with Fassbender pics, but I’m not sure how long those will be effective.)

Is anyone still looking at my words, or did you all get stuck just above this?

I hope you have a happy weekend full of the exact right amount of productivity. I hope that I get to at least level 930 get a few more chapters editing and a couple books read.


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