March 12, 2015

1. We have entered that time of the year that is budget season. I was so sure I was ahead of the game this year. And then I opened one of the many source spreadsheets that I use and found that in fact, all the work I’d done earlier this week is missing. Did I…

March 4, 2015

Look at this face. LOOK AT IT! Does this look like the face of evil to you? Well it is! I am so tired, y’all. SO TIRED. Small devil child will not sleep. He will not fall asleep and he will not stay asleep. Bedtime has devolved into a 45 minute- 1 hour period of…

March 2, 2015

That is how I feel today. I am IN TRAINING. (For life, motherfuckers! Ha!) Umm, I mean I’m in triathlon training. Now. Due to February illnesses (mine, the Bean’s, and the architect’s), February was kind of a lazy month. Until 2/25. I worked out more hours between 2/25-3/1 than in the previous twenty days combined….