The mellow autumn came

At last! I was beginning to think the mellow autumn was never going to show up. But apparently Autumn was really paying attention to the calendar this year and decided to not show up until the equinox. It was 94 on Saturday and nearly 90 on Sunday.  And then Monday? Gray. And then, the rains came. YAY!

Things that are not yay?

I have a terribly nasty chest cold with a horrific sounding cough. I spent three days at home last week, one doing nothing, the other two working from home. I wish I could work from home this week, too. I think I’m scaring people.

Alas! Work is busying up and I have been doing meetings. As of noon today (Wednesday), I have attended 13 meetings this week. Fortunately, it appears I have only four to go. As of noon Wednesday. Who knows what will happen in the next two and a half days. I might end up with 13 more meetings.

I haven’t been working out, due to the cough of death. However, I am going to run a 5K in about a month. I feel pretty good about this. I did run 2 miles last week. Slowly. I had to stop and cough a lot. I feel fairly confident that if I ever stop coughing (something I’m beginning to doubt will ever happen) I can absolutely run 3. I can probably even run 3.1. In costume.

As a Valkyrie. Because:

business card

That is my business card that I hand out at professional events. You never know when someone needs a chooser of the slain.

ANYWAY, I am sick. I would like to stop now.

BUT – the most important thing to announce is that this year’s All Hallow’s Read contest opens October 1 (one week from today) and goes for a week. You will have several ways to enter to win this year’s spooky book.

Past books have included:






If you want to throw out suggestions for this year’s book, you can do so in the comments here or on Twitter (@gazellesoncrack).

I’ll post on October first with the rules, and will announce the winner on October 10.

Happy most wonderful time of the year!


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