Marathon Training Update
Marathon Training Update

Marathon Training Update

The update is there is no marathon training. In fact, I have decided that I will never do marathon training again.

I am quitting. I am a quitter.

I am trying to be okay with that.

I’ve been having persistent foot pain since I ramped up my mileage in April. In fact, it got so bad that I only ran 18 miles in May and June. Total.

Finally I sucked it up and called the sports medicine doc. I had x-rays on July 7 and the diagnosis was probably stress fracture in the 2nd metatarsal. I had an MRI on July 11. And then, I did what I like to do, and avoided. I didn’t call for my follow-up appointment. I just kept on going. My foot is NOT getting better, though. (It’s the same foot that I had surgery on in October 2010. This foot is evil.)

I did eventually call for a follow-up appointment. On July 23. The appointment is tomorrow morning. I’m not sure what I’m hoping to find out. That it isn’t a stress fracture and that I’m just a crazy person? That it is a stress fracture and there’s hope that I’ll run again someday (or at least walk without pain)?

Regardless (at least for the foreseeable future) I am done with long distance running. I want to run when I feel like it for however far I feel like going. I want to spend time on the trails without worrying about how it’s impacting my training schedule. I suck at training for things, and between having a young child and working a lot, it’s not where I want to direct my energy (not to mention money).

Eleven mile trail run before I damaged my foot, i.e. happy times!


I am a quitter. And I think maybe that’ll be okay.


  1. a morning grouch

    i loathe all the focus on pushing through pain and being a beast and having to keep competing with others, and to a certain extent, even with our own self. Being a well rounded healthy person doesnt always mean doing more. Sometimes it might mean doing less or doing something different, even if only for awhile.

  2. John Flynn

    It will be fine. Do what makes you feel satisfied, and avoid that which causes agonizing pain. Up for any long distance swimming or something like that?

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