Five Things Friday: Alvie Bean Edition

You guys, my kidlet is not only a tiny sociopath*, he is also adorable!

  1. Yesterday, we were counting, and I was counting on my fingers. He looked at my fingers, looked at his own fingers, and his face LIT UP. He counted to four on his fingers and then looked at me. And I was all, “YES! That is right!” And he was blown away that counting on your fingers is a thing – a thing that he understood! He counted things all night. (He gets a bit confused after four; we are good at 1, 2, 3, 4…but then it usually goes 6, 7, 9, 10.) It was so fun to see him grasp this for the first time. It’s hard, as an adult, to understand really ‘getting’ concepts like this. When he first figures out that all the individual letters that he can identify make the words that we speak and read, that is going to be so cool.

    This is similar to how he looked when he figured out counting.

    This is similar to how he looked when he figured out counting.

  2. Bean loves him some strawberries, and ours are ripening now. When we get home, the first thing we do is go and pick all the ripe strawberries. Then, we look for bugs and he pops them all down the hatch. Yesterday, we probably picked a dozen. I got one. The architect got one. The Bean ate the rest before I could even say, “hey! I want more!”

    Helping us get even MOAR strawberries.

    Helping us get even MOAR strawberries.

  3. Bean also loves Daniel Tiger. A lot. It’s almost pathalogical. When he wakes up on the morning, he asks to watch Daniel Tiger, even though every single day I say, “No. We do not watch tv before school.” The other day, I came into the living room and saw this:
    We're watching you...

    We’re watching you…

    That is decidedly not okay. (Although if I tell Bean that he should potty because Daniel Tiger potties, then he’ll agree to give it a go.)

  4. Alvie is TERRIFIED of the bathtub right now. For no reason that I can discern, the bath has become a horrific place where anything (bad) could happen. However, he is also a 2-year-old boy with an unseemly love of dirt, so baths are kinda necessary (how can one small child smell that stinky?). I decided I would show him baths were fun and climbed into the tub. That was not okay. Then he was worried about me. “Out, mommy. P[l]ease out. No baff mommy.” We’ve been wiping him down with a washrag since I can see no good reason to cause hysteria in him, but I’m hoping this phase ends quickly.

    One month ago when baths were delightful.

    One month ago when baths were delightful.

  5. Bean has bad dreams from time to time. I believe I mentioned once (although maybe just on facebook) that a few months ago he woke me up crying and when I went into his room, he was sobbing, “new, blue shoes lost!” over and over. I had to reassure him that his shoes were okay, and also that being worried about losing a beloved pair of shoes is perfectly normal. Last night, he woke up crying about cereal. I’m assuming in his bad dream, the world’s supply of wheat-free cereal was gone and he was forced to eat something other than eleventy bowls of cereal every day.
    And when we're out of cereal, we will be forced to wear the bowls on our heads and sing Devo songs!

    And when we’re out of cereal, we will be forced to wear the bowls on our heads and sing Devo songs!


Happy weekend, all!


*maybe not a sociopath, but he is extra hitty at school and bitey at home. He’s going to end up in military school** by 3 if he keeps this up.


**not really, we’ll wait until he’s five. Military kindergarten!

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