It’s all Sunshine and Roses*

*At this exact moment. Ten minutes ago, it was grey and foggy. I’m sure it’ll be rainy again soon.

This winter has been the easiest since I moved to Portland. Granted, the last two winters (2011-2012 & 2012-2013) were so awful that almost anything would appear to be fantastic in comparison, but still…this has been good.

I’m not good at just taking that information and saying, “woo!” I must analyze! And discuss relentlessly! And then, obviously, blog about it.

I have narrowed the cause down to one of four things.

  1. I have lived in Portland enough years now that I am adjusting to the lack o’ daylight hours in the winter.
  2. This winter was much less grey and rainy than previous winters.
  3. A great shedding of negative influences in my life; you know, those people that you really don’t realize how much they’re bringing you down until they’re gone and you can breathe again?
  4. A combination of items one through three.

If I was a betting woman (which I’m not), I’d go with four and add a touch of (c) no one is dying and I’m not deep in the throes of severe post-partum depression and anxiety.

I’ve also started feeling healthy again. I was sick a bit the end of January, but I’ve been running more (yay!), sniffling less (thanks to the vitamin recommendation, Seattle-ites!), and letting go more.

I’m writing a lot more, too – and it’s amazing how much that’s a positive impact on my mood. I finished book the first in my series in December and am almost 1/3 of the way through book the second as of this morning. The editing process is still forth-coming, but barring second thoughts (on her part), I think I’ve lined up a first reader for when that’s ready to be read by someone not me. I think I’m even okay if she tells me it sucks. (I hope it doesn’t suck, though.)

I feel more secure in my own me-ness. Sure, there are things I’d like to change about myself and my life, but I’m working on the whole “courage to change the things I can, wine to deal with the things I can’t, wisdom to know the difference.” (The serenity prayer as prayed to Bacchus.)

The last thing that might be positively impacting my mood?


Alvie, reading my favorite childhood book.