Starve a cold, drink heavily for a fever, right?

Internets – I am so tired! The bean weirdly sick all weekend. He slept poorly Friday night, and vomited at some point that night (sorry!), but then felt fine that morning. I chalked it up to his eczema flare/wheat allergy + new environmental factors at the new daycare.

After his nap, he was a tiny ray of sunshine, so we headed out for a play date at the park.

He went down the slide a dozen times, ran around like a crazy person, played hide and seek, ate food, drank water, and managed to not bleed from the face! After almost two hours of play-dating, he was getting cranky, so we headed home.

The entire walk home, he just leaned against the side of the stroller.

“Boy, this kid is tired!” I thought. “I guess he’ll sleep well tonight!”

Oh, Amy…way to jinx it.

As the afternoon wore on, he just wanted to sit in my lap. In fact, if he was not in direct physical contact with a parental figure, he cried. This is beyond weird.

I also thought he felt a bit warm. So – I dug out the thermometer and lo! The axillary reading was 101.4. This is warm. He was refusing all food and liquids (even unwatered-down apple juice!), and kept dozing off.

Alas! It was just dozing. No actual “sleeping”. That was fun. Finally about 1 am, his fever broke, and he slept much better after that.

Sunday morning he seemed, if not chipper, at least chipperer. We walked down the street to watch the marathoners. He was much better behaved the last couple years than this year. He tried to give me a high-five and take off with the runners, so we went home.

He alternately was a tiny terror (aka normal) and a stage-five velcro monkey. His appetite was definitely back, though.

Last night was another crappy sleep night, but he seemed like a normal Alvie this morning. He’s on notice, though. No more crankopotamuses allowed!

2013-09-26 10.05.06


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