Sixteen Months with Alvie Bean

Dear Alvie –

Another big month – but then, they’re all big, aren’t they?

The beginning of your 16th month saw us returning to Oregon after our epic trip to South Dakota. The end of that week, we went in for your 15 month appointment and the 2nd to last of your baby vaccines! Yay!

You are still a shorty – only 30″ tall, and still a little butterball – 25lbs. Fortunately, your head did not grow anymore, so you’ve moved from “off the charts” in head circumference to a respectable 96th percentile.

You were a good sport with the shots and the hemoglobin tests, and all the nurses and the doctor loved you muchly (of course).

The next weekend was party time! We got to go celebrate your friend Penny’s 1st birthday. We even got you to wear a party hat for a while. You spent the rest of the party sneaking up the stairs to filch tortilla chips from the bowl.


Birthday Parties!

Birthday Parties!

The following weekend was another party! You got to go hang out with mama’s co-workers, and boy! wasn’t that a treat! ha! Nothing more fun than a bunch of grown-ups. There were a couple kids there, but they weren’t much interested in hanging out with a baby, no matter how much you thought you should play with the big boys. Soon enough, Bean, soon enough.

Tiny diva shows off his bling.

Tiny diva shows off his bling.

We’ve been having to do another level of childproofing, because you are CRAZY! You climb and destroy like it’s your job. It’s hard to be mad, though, because you are just a small fry yet. And, you’re ridiculously cute as well.

Small destructo-bot is in your drawers stealing your spoons.

Small destructo-bot is in your drawers stealing your spoons.


You had a bad 24 hours that we think was allergy related. I will not describe the symptoms and issues here, because ewww… But, suffice it to say, I think the wheat allergy needs to be closely monitored. You were so miserable! Poor baby.

Mama went away for a few days last week. That was hard for everyone! You and Daddy had a good time while I was gone. You got to play trains and learn all about Thomas the Tank Engine, and we Skyped a couple of times, but Mama really missed you and Daddy and was sure glad to be reunited with you both last Thursday (the day you turned 16 months!)

Giddy-Up Daddy!

Giddy-Up Daddy!


You are getting more vocal, although not yet more verbal. You are infinitely fearless, but alas! not infinitely graceful, and that results in a lot of head whacks. I wish I could wrap you in bubble wrap before releasing you into the wilds (of our living room).

You love reading, and when you’re getting tired or feel a bit out of sorts, you’ll bring me a book and snuggle in close.

You got two more teeth this month – the top canines! That was sure fun. Only 3 teeth to go (besides the 2-year molars, which I’m hoping will hold off until closer to 2 years).

I don’t think it’ll be too much longer before you figure out how to get out of your crib. I went in the other morning & you had a leg up top. A little more determination and I’m sure you’ll fall right out. I’m not ready for you to have a big boy bed yet – you’re still just my little baby – but we’ll have to start thinking about ways to corral you once you obtain that skill.

You love outside (and the ubiquitous dirt) more than anything. Whenever you want to go out, you’ll bring me two pairs of shoes – one for you, one for me. And you’re great at making sure they match. Such an eye!

If I’m not fast enough, you do try to give me a hand.

Mama, put your shoes on! I'm ready for outside!

Mama, put your shoes on! I’m ready for outside!


You’re just growing and growing all the time. I’m glad, of course. It’s so fun to watch all the new things you learn, but sometimes I just want to grab you, hold you close, and whisper that you’ll always be my baby. And, since you are still small, I do that as often as possible.

I love you, Bean.




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