…and then Joss Whedon and I saved the world
…and then Joss Whedon and I saved the world

…and then Joss Whedon and I saved the world

Hello, party people! I had the greatest dream the other night that involved a quest with Joss Whedon to save the world. We did it, but I had to leave the architect behind! Alvie got to come, though! He was a great help.

I am here for encouragement and motivation and some good, old-fashioned kicks in the pants.

So – here’s my problem(s):

  1. My baby is 10 months & 5 days old. I have not lost a single pound since September. I have 13 lbs to go to be at my pre-baby weight. I am not breastfeeding. I am not the kind of person who can cut out a food group for weight loss (so, no vegetarian/vegan; no paleo, etc.). I eat lots of healthy food. I don’t eat much processed foods/refined sugar.Β  Should I get myself to a nutritionist/dietician post-hasty?
  2. My right hip is all janky. It hurts when I walk and run. However, I can minimize the pain while walking if I concentrate on posture and form. However, I cannot run AND concentrate on form at the same time. My doctor told me it will “probably just get better” and in the meantime “just don’t run.” Thoughts? Should I get a second opinion? I’m pretty sure that my wonky hip is the result of a weak core (due to pregnancy, mild diastasis recti, SPD, and a C-section) combined with loose joints (due to pregnancy). I am yoga-ing like a mad woman, am going to try some pilates, but am thinking maybe I need something more?
  3. I am scared of new gym classes, because what if I die? I have a 7 day trial membership to a gym with scary yet awesome sounding work-outs at 5:30 am every day (i.e. the perfect time for me to work out!), but I am on day 4 of my 7 day trial and have yet to show up, due to FEAR! (And tiredness.) Someone, motivate me!

I get so frustrated with myself. I want to be all strong and fit and badass (and fit into my awesome work clothes and designer jeans) again, and it’s taking so long! SO LONG!

I guess it’s good that this is my main concern now, and not whether I will have a panic attack while driving, or if I’ll be able to adequately care for my son due to crazy, but now that I’m of sound mind again, I’d really, really, really like to be of sound body.

Any advice, encouragement, verbal smackdowns you’d like to offer would be welcome!

Goal Amy...lean, fit, and with a burger and beer.
Goal Amy…lean, fit, and with a burger and beer.


  1. GO TO THE Mother-F gym class…it can’t be harder than sculpt and you can do that NO PROBLEM! I will text you at 4am if necessary.

    These things take time, as you know, be patient cut yourself some slack and think about how far you have already come. 13 lbs is NOTHING, you will lose it–you know you will.

    Running…concentrate on what you CAN do right now and not on what hurts. What about trainer riding, spin class, hiking, swimming? What of those options does not give you pain? Whichever one is not painful, commit to it. I’ll make you a google doc that you HAVE to update OR ELSE I send yelling text messages, if you need it. This works for my sister in law, I create the plan and YELL if she doesn’t put in updates.

    You ALREADY are FIT…concentrate on all the awesome new yoga poses you have been doing. Positive affirmations are wonderous.

    What do you need? Email or text me and you know I’ll do whatever I can…especially if it involves threatening to YELL πŸ™‚ JK

  2. kristen

    My hips are all janky too. I think mine is from carrying Emily around all day (she’s a stage 5 clinger). I’m totally inbalanced. You could try a chiropractor.

    Also, what about Bikram yoga. You would burn calories like a mofo.

  3. I’ve been doing core power sculpt, but it’s soooo expensive! also, scheduling is hard (as I’m sure you experience, as well). πŸ™‚

    The Bean weighs about 5 million lbs, but he HATES being carried, so that’s not a problem very often! πŸ™‚

  4. Go to the classes! Sorry for being so assertive I haven’t even introduced myself! I just started reading your blog and really enjoy it. I’m Madi by the way and I had a similar fear this winter, but one day i just woke up and went without letting myself think and the class was great! i actually ended up being really bummed i didn’t go earlier because i only had one class time left where i could go! so do it and if you hate it then you never have to go again, but if you don’t try it once then you’ll never know!

  5. Neca

    Here’s my 2 cents, but first a background history on my so battered body. I had 9 back surgeries, including lumbar laminectomy. Five years ago I had a compound fracture on my left femur, fractured left ankle and pelvis (all at once). I can’t really exercise like all of you able body folks, so I had to find a way to keep my heart rate up without causing more damage on my old injuries. First solution was swimming, but very impractical due to various reasons. Second solution was rowing. Since it is difficult to find a ‘team’ to row with, I bought a rowing machine and it has been very helpful so far. It is a total body workout without joint impact. I can modify the resistance to work on upper and lower body strength, or keep it low resistance and go the distance and keep my heart rate up for some good old cardio.

  6. 13 lbs is so close! And you should be back to full capacity now, remember the “it took 9 months to screw up your body and have the baby so it will take 9 months to get it all back” speech? Your nine months is up so all systems are go for new adventures. Get out to that new gym. Really up your fiber intake. Sign up for a trail ultramarathon in the fall, that hip thing will feel better by then.

    After doing all that, get on the yoga mat and reset your mental approach. If you’ve set the right goals all you have to do is go get them. it should be very empowering.

    also note that there has been a serious lack of shoes on here. chop chop.

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