Entering the Confessional

Readers – I am crazy. I know that most of you are nodding and saying, “well, yes – you’ve been mentioning that from time to time lately.” BUT – I don’t mean that kind of crazy. medication type of crazy. (Although, yes – that, too.)

I just made a 2013 race calendar so I could start filling in my training schedule.

I haven’t filled in the training yet, but this is what I put in the race schedule:

1/5/13 – 10K (part of 10K series)

3/2/13 – 10K (10K series)

3/16/13 – Uberthon 1/2 marathon

4/7/13 – Bridget to Brews 10K (last year was the first year I missed this race since I moved to Portland! But, since I was 6 days post-partum, I decided to skip it.)

5/4/13 – 10K (series)

5/27/13 – 10K (series)

6/9/13 – Blue Lake Sprint Tri

7/14/13 – Rev3 Olympic Tri

8/10/13 – 10K (series)

9/2/13 – 10K (series)

9/21/13 – Forest Park Marathon

9/28/13 – 10K (series)

So far, that’s it…

ha ha ha.

So – any advice? Is there a 12-step program? (Although 12 steps is easy – it’s once you get to 12 MILES that it’s work.)

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