Half Marathon Training

I am signed up for a half marathon in December. My training has been sporadic, to put it kindly.

I am 10 weeks out from race, and am hoping to be able to finish it. I know a PR isn’t likely in the cards (and by not likely, I mean NOT AT ALL POSSIBLE), and I’ll likely get a PW, but I’ve never done a half marathon less than a year after giving birth and only slightly more than 2 years after foot surgery, so it will be some kind of record, regardless.

My plan is to run a couple of times of a week from here out (hopefully 3 times, but we’ll see how it goes; two minimum) with 1 mile/week increase in the long run.

Friday mornings are 4ish mile runs, and any other mid-week runs will be 2-3 miles in the interest of time.

10/20 – 5-6 miles (total weekly mileage: 9-13)

10/27 – 6-7 miles (total weekly mileage: 10-14)

11/3 – 7-8 miles (total weekly mileage: 11-15)

11/10 – 8-9 miles (total weekly mileage: 12-16)

11/17 – 9-10 miles (total weekly mileage: 13-17)

11/24 – 10-11 miles (total weekly mileage: 14-18)

12/1 – 11-12 miles (total weekly mileage: 15-19)

12/8 – 8 miles (12-15)

12/16 – race day! 13.1 (17.1-20.1)

I am hoping to set up the bike trainer tonight and ride for 30 minutes a couple of times a week, and to swim at least once a week.  But – if I don’t, it’s A-OK. It’s all about doing what I can and not feeling bad about the other stuff. I will likely be reaching out to my friends for run accompaniment. When left to my own devices, I would never leave the house, so I need some motivation to get out.

Attitude of Gratitude

I am grateful that my husband is so wonderful, my garden is so bountiful, and that my son is such a great sleeper.

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