Chubday – Week 20

Alvie Bean is 20.5 weeks old. TWENTY!

He had is four month appointment (and shots!) on 8/3/12. At that time, he weighed 15 1/4 lbs and was 24 3/4″ tall (long?). He was rolling over like a champ and was a big fan of supported sitting up.

He was starting to want to hold his bottle himself at the nanny’s, and was quite the little babbler.

Then – grandma came to visit.

What’s she giving him? Coffee? Weight Gain 3000? GIN?!?


Although grandma was only here for 10-ish days, she caused all sorts of damage. Above, you can see her teaching him that drinking out of a cup is awesome. I suspect there was some kind of growth hormone in that beverage, because on 8/20/12 when we took him in for his poor flat head, he was 15 3/4 lbs and 25 1/4 inches.

Yes – in just over 2 weeks he grew 1/2″ and gained 1/2 lb.

And now?

He wants to drink everything! He tried to steal my boss’s champagne glass at my graduation party. He wants coffee, and soda, and water, and juice. But not, for some reason, the prune juice that I gave him. Which honestly? I don’t blame the kid. That stuff is gross.

He also now wants food. All the food. I try to explain to him that baby doesn’t need a taco, and he looks at me like I’m crazy. Of COURSE baby needs a taco. And a waffle. And soup.

So, we went and got a high chair so we could start having meal times.

I would like to respectfully point out that this is NOT a taco…


And then, he decided that he could sit up LIKE A BIG BOY. And he can.

Kind of.

About 30 seconds before face planting, or as we call it at home: baddha konasana (deepened into a forward fold)


He can even do that for brief periods of time without needing his hands for balance!

He is still mostly babbling, despite my mother’s best efforts to teach him more consonant sounds (ma ma ma ma ma & da da da da da were her main efforts).

He is very interested in standing, but can only support his weight for a little bit. Which is just fine with me.

He’s trying super hard to crawl, but can’t quite get his knees where they belong. He is, however, getting pretty adept with a slow scoot.

In about 15 minutes, I could be out of this room.


Of course, all that exercise makes a baby cranky.

He’s pretty upset that his favorite onesie doesn’t fit very well any more.


And tired.

Hanging out with the baby sitter


And still remarkably adorable.

Multi-tasking baby can suck his fingers, pick his nose, and flip you off all at the same time.


Now that we’re back to our regularly scheduled lives (more or less – or, more accurately, as regularly scheduled as we get), he’s going to bed MUCH easier than he was in July and the early part of August.

His next appointment isn’t until October 12, and I can’t WAIT to find out how big he is then!


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