Catching Up

Such a weird weekend. My mom & her brother are here -they drove in Thursday evening and have been getting plenty of baby snuggling time in.

I feel like I was busy, but I’ve no idea what I accomplished. I know I went into the office on Friday (and my office is fancified now! I have a meeting table! Ooooh!) morning, then did…nothing? Saturday I…again did nothing? The architect & I did take this opportunity to ditch Alive Bean, dress up, and go out for dinner.

Yesterday I went for a run (and ran three miles without stopping, except for a brief shoe-tie) and it was hot! And then my mom & I went out and bought fancy hats. And then I felt weird and listless the rest of the day.

Alvie already has a fancy hat

Alvie Bean is great, of course. He is a snot-nosed little kid, but he isn’t running a fever and although his gum ridge has gone away, I’m pretty sure that a tiny tooth was trying to break through. He is pretty cheerful. And, he is adorable, of course. The architect is totally into model trains, and my dad was, too, so Alvie Bean is going to be a train-ophile.

And now – back at work. How did three days of nothing go by so quickly?

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