Shoesday – back to work edition

Except, well, I’m working from home and not actually wearing shoes right now. BUT – on my last day in the office (2 weeks ago, I suck at being on leave, and went to work 4 times in the last month) I wore my new Fluevogs. Yes – the Fluevogs that I bought May 15. I was planning on a big reveal after my Seattle trip, because I brought them to wear to Brian’s graduation celebration (he is the reason I own Fluevogs, honestly, and I wanted to honor that contribution).

But then, my child was assaulted by a waitress and understandably freaked out that evening, and leaving a 2-month-old who’s just been traumatized is not something I’m apparently capable of. He needed hugs! And comfort! And boobs!

So – since today I’m officially back to work, I will show you my entirely work appropriate Fluevogs that I have, so far, only worn twice. (I also wore them out for my first martini date, but neglected to get a picture of them then.)

Fluevog Hollie

I hadn’t realized how long it had been since I regularly wore heels, and even though these are pretty comfortable, it was still weird to be so tall! Between my foot surgery in October 2010 and being pregnant for so long (about 3.5 years by my latest calculations), my pretty footwear has been (literally) gathering dust in my closet. (I am not kidding – I actually had to dust a pair of black heels I pulled out to wear last week – embarrassing.)

One thing I am looking forward to with my return to work is wearing grown-up clothes. And belts! Yay for belts!

My current standard wardrobe is either yoga pants & an Old Navy ribbed tank top (fortunately, I have about 10 of these) or workout clothes. Last week, when I went to book club, I got all dressed up because I was Leaving the House! and Seeing Adults!

So – in conclusion: Shoes = Yay! And Shoesdays will be a lot more consistent from now on. Let me know, as always, if you have any special requests!

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