Weekend in Review

Not a lot of pics from this weekend. It was not one of my better weekends, but it seems I survived.

Friday was BUSY. Last daycare tour. Sunny lunch with the architect. Trip to Target to buy a shower curtain so that I could shower in our recently (nearly finished!) bathroom. House cleaning for the rest of the day.

A year ago, that would’ve been reported as “I didn’t really do anything on Friday.” Now, I’m all, “I worked so hard & was exhausted!”

I made it to  my prenatal yoga class Saturday morning, and for the first time, it was really hard! I am just so giant and unwieldy. I was only able to do about half of the poses.

The rest of Saturday was a pretty emotional day. My mother called to let me know that not only have they stopped treatments for my dad’s brain tumors, they will be moving him to hospice care as soon as there is an opening. I did get to talk to my dad for a little bit that afternoon, and told him the baby name we’ve decided on. I was keeping it a surprise, but that doesn’t seem the wisest course of action at this point. We’re planning on flying back to South Dakota as soon as we can after the baby is born. My midwife wants me to wait 2 weeks post-birth, for my health & recovery, but said that I can basically fly as soon as we get out of the hospital, if necessary as long as I don’t have any complications and don’t have a C-section.

After getting off the phone with my dad, the architect & I went for a drive. We just headed out to Sauvie Island and drove around until the sun went down. At one point, after we left a paved road, I really needed to pee. So we saw an outhouse & pulled over. When I got out of the car, I told the architect that he should shut off the car & get out, too. There was a free concert! The birds (geese and some other types) and frogs were really putting on a twilight show for us. It was beautiful!

We got back in the car to continue our drive, and it wouldn’t start. Not even a tiny bit. After trying a few things, we gave up and had to call AAA. I was on the phone with the guy (who was super awesome and helpful) trying to describe where we were. The middle of nowhere on a gravel road on Sauvie Island is not a good descriptor! We were finally getting it narrowed down, when the architect decided to give the car one more try – and it started!

We made it home, although I was pretty nervous. I hope my car starts today! I am working from home, but need to run out to the post office for stamps and package mailing soon, and hope it’s not an actual “run.”

Sunday was a combo lazy/industrious day. I finished all the baby laundry and did some adult laundry, too. (Not that kind of adult laundry, gutter face!) I finalized the hospital bag packing. I finished all my baby shower thank you cards. I made a taco bar for the poker players that came over at 5ish. I laid down a LOT. It doesn’t take much to wear me out anymore, and my midwife told me that if I’m not good and I don’t take it easy, she’s going to put me on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy.  I’m already chafing and how little I can do. If I had to actually limit it further, I think I’d go (more) insane.

I think that after this week at work, I’ll be mostly ready to let things go there, so Alvie Bean can be born any time after Thursday! I’m trying not to get my hopes up that he will be early, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. I’d like to get back to South Dakota ASAP.

Think happy labor thoughts for me!

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