Three (3!) Things Thursday

1. I am reading a book on leadership, and came across this passage:

Umm – so except for this book, everything else I’ve read has been smutty vampire or werewolf paranormal romance. I am not at my most intellectual right now. And I’m pretty sure the values they teach are loyalty (to your pack and/or sire), the value of a good sword, and that you should always kill someone to make an example out of them to discourage others from coming after you. This is not necessarily the message I’d like to impart to my team.


2. A couple of weeks ago, after (yet another stellar swim! I love swimming! Last night I swam 1800 yds – i.e. more than a mile!), the Ambitious One (my awesome swim partner) brought me a wee little birthday cake! It was so adorable! And tasty!


3. I also received in the mail the official signed approval sheet for my capstone project!

Yes – you may call me Master, if you wish.


Happy Thursday, y’all!

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