Three (3!) Things Thursday

1. Today I have the day off work so that I can finish writing my Capstone. Which means that in approximately 10 minutes, I need to log into work remotely and do some work stuff. I hired a new person this week, and she starts next week, and I couldn’t be happier unless she’d been able to start a couple of months ago. I swear if I had a time machine, I would only use it for good!



2. Seriously – did you catch that first sentence up there? Today I am going to finish writing my Capstone. I have two weeks left of school after today, but that will be reserved for revisions and formatting. All the major writing will be done by 6 pm today! DONE!



3. I had a great swim again last night with the Amphibious Ambitious One. The pool we’ve been at the last couple of weeks has been so delightfully empty! I hadn’t been feeling my best before getting there, and wasn’t sure how well I’d do, but she talked me into at least giving it a try for 15 minutes. I swam for 30 minutes w/o a break and felt amazing! I definitely need to add more swimming into my week – no idea why it’s such a pain in my ass to do this. Seriously – the pool is a 10  minute walk from my office, is always empty-ish, and I have a 10-punch card. Why can’t I do this 3 days/week?  I feel so amazing after. Maybe once school is done & don’t feel I have to rush home to write every night?

photo credit – the Ambitious One

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