Bumpday – Week 25
Bumpday – Week 25

Bumpday – Week 25

No picture this week – I don’t want you all to get spoiled with delightful photos of me and the bump.

I actually don’t have a lot of update this week. I am tired. I am beginning to think I will never feel rested again. I also pulled the crap out of a stomach muscle over the weekend, so that’s pretty much sucked.

I am very much looking forward to next week. No work. No real school assignments. 11 days of more or less leisure. I am planning on putting together a jigsaw puzzle, sleeping, doing a lot of yoga, and sleeping. I cannot wait.

Alvie Bean is now facebook official! I made the big announcement yesterday. It seemed the thing to do. I felt a bit like a copycat, though. Two friends announced their pregnancies on Monday, and another friend announced hers yesterday! It’s a big year for babies!

I have my next midwife appt on Thursday, and am looking forward to getting a lot of questions answered.

Overall, I feel pretty good. My energy levels are pretty decent. There is a lot of activity going on – Alvie is pretty energetic. He definitely enjoys burrowing into my ribcage, which is not as awesome. My ribcage is definitely spreading out, which is weird. I got a couple of bras that seem to fit and are comfortable (and were only about $25 each….which is nice).

I can’t believe that there are only ~15 weeks left! And I’m getting close to the end of the 2nd trimester….CRAZY! According to my official-looking fancy pregnancy calendar, my 3rd trimester officially starts at 26 weeks & 1 day – which is 1/1/12! That is not too far away! EEE! I’m starting to feel as thought I’m pseudo-prepared for the third trimester preparing bits.

I know that there will come a point in this pregnancy where I’m DONE with being pregnant, but so far, I am not there (which is good – Alvie needs to stay put for another 12 weeks at least).

My biggest struggle right now is staying active – not being able to run is super lame, and since that is my go-to activity, it’s been hard to WANT to do other things. I am trying my best, but between work + school + pregnancy tired, it’s hard to motivate to do things I don’t necessarily WANT to do just in the name of staying active.

However, I know how beneficial it is to stay active throughout my pregnancy, so that helps. Due to the strained muscle I’m suffering from right now, I decided to NOT bike & lift last night, but the architect & I went on a brisk 40 minutes walk, which was also good.

I feel like I’m starting to ramble now.  SO  –


In summation. Still pregnant. It’s generally pretty good, although I am tired. Also – it’s a bad idea to try to carry two hams + 10 lbs of potatoes all in one go (that’s how I strained the muscle). Life is pretty good.


Happy Solstice!  The sun is on its way back! YAY!


  1. The end of the second trimester is huge. That’s when all of the body development is done (except the lungs) and now he just starts getting bigger. It’s really cool to see in the ultrasounds.

    Happy solstice day! You (and Alvie) will be digging in the garden in warm sunshine before you know it.

  2. I was surprised to see your fb announcement. I didn’t realize you hadn’t done that yet. Better late than never. I was actually on the fence about announcing because I could really care less about half of my fb ‘friends’ but then I realized how much attention I would get 🙂

    I’m glad your getting some time off. You certainly earned it!

    1. My blog posts to FB every day, so now I know who reads & who doesn’t (i.e. who isn’t paying enough attention to MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!).

      My original plan was to post pics of Alvie’s 1st birthday and then act all indignant when people were all, “what? you have a kid?” 🙂

    1. I am planning on blog stalking you & finding out how you stayed fit throughout your pregnancy. I HATE not being able to run. HATE HATE HATE. I also hate not being able to lift heavy groceries. I have been instructed to always say “yes” when they ask if I need help to my car, but so far no one has asked, and I don’t remember to request that.

      I will give you coffee w/ bourbon and some ham if you come organize my kitchen. 🙂

  3. Emily

    We need to set up a group for frustrated pregnant women who used to run a lot but don’t feel comfortable doing it anymore. A good meeting place would likely be the pool, but who wants to do that? I miss pounding the pavement!

    1. I am going to swim tonight before coming over to your place. If I show up NOT smelling like chlorine, please mock me publicly.

      I do enjoy our hikes – that helps a little. It’s not trail running (my first love), but it’s something. (Maybe trail running should be my 3rd love, after the architect & my fetus…)

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