All your foods are belong to me

I had a great weekend – but it was so busy! (And also, there was lots of food. Delicious, delicious food.)

Friday, I spent the morning with my friend Emily. We were supposed to make lefse, but didn’t quite get around to it. Instead, we went on a long walk through the wilds of Vancouver and then had cocoa and scones (as well as a bit of antique storing, where I picked up a book on how to be a proper young lady – I’ll let you know how well I’m doing).

Also, in the antique store, I saw this which made me giggle:

IMAG0656I’ve always had my suspicions that architecture belonged in the science fiction section. 

After our epic walk, and the cocoa, and the chatting, I drove  home (stopping to get some chicken strips! OBSESSION ALERT!), fully intending to just hang out a bit and then leave the house again for yoga. Yeah – not so much. Instead, I passed out on the sofa until the architect got home about 6. Oops!

Saturday, I got up and got on the bike trainer for 30 minutes + did some upper body weights, and then the architect & I bottled beer – a winter brew that I’m excited to taste in 2-3 weeks. After that, I took a nap (what? bottling is hard!).

Best napping partners EVER!

That evening, the architect & I headed out for separate but equal nights of fun. I dropped him off for a poker game with the guys while I headed out with the girls to Ready, Paint, Fire to do some christmas ornament painting. After finishing our creative masterpieces, we went to dinner (my personal favorite part of the evening) and then back to the Ambitious One’s for a movie before breaking up the poker night. It was midnight before I was in bed. That is the latest I’ve been up in AGES!  CRAZY!

Sunday was a bit of a lazier day. I slept late (Like 8 AM!) and then lounged on the sofa for most of the day. I did manage to thoroughly clean the living room – I moved furniture! And washed floors! And dusted behind the TV! And then I had to lay down again….so much effort. But at least one room is clean. Next weekend – the kitchen/dining room! And there will be a great throwing away of stuff I don’t need!

Sunday evening, I headed out to Anna Bannana’s for hot cocoa with a neighbor. And lo! It was beautiful:



All in all, a great weekend! A nice balance of relaxation and accomplishment and socializing.


Happy Monday, y’all!

Gratitude Journal

November 14, 2011: I am grateful that I work in a place with lots of little food nooks. It’s always an easy walk to grab more food. Which I do more often than ever, lately.

November 13, 2011: I am grateful for streaming Netflix (and Hulu Plus!). Also, I am grateful for John Barrowman. And my new found love of Torchwood. I watched the entire first season this weekend. And up next? In season 2? One of my boyfriends! Yay for James Marsters!

November 12, 2011: I am grateful for my awesome friends! I got so much good quality friend-time this weekend! Walks & cocoa & thrifting with her! Ornament painting and dinner and movies with Alisa, Jen, Lisa & Sarah! Cocoa and a chat with her! (I should maybe also mention that I’m grateful for hot cocoa.)

November 11, 2011: I am grateful for laid back evenings at home with the architect.

November 10, 2011: I am grateful to live in Portland, Oregon. It is so beautiful here. I love that we have four seasons, and I especially love autumn.

November 9, 2011: I am grateful for modern medical conveniences that help eliminate unnecessary surprises from my life. Yay for ultrasounds!

November 8, 2011: I am grateful for my brand-new employee who started today, who I am hoping will help take some of the financial reporting burden off my plate & allow me to do a better job on the more big-picture things.

November 7, 2011: I am grateful for weekends and the opportunity to relax and recharge.

November 6, 2011: I am grateful for running – and grateful that I am still able to run. I am also grateful for my proximity to the most awesome running park in the history of the world: Forest Park.

November 5, 2011: I am grateful that I was able to discover enough courage to join Toastmasters. I know this sounds super cheesy, but it’s really made a HUGE difference in my life.

November 4, 2011: I am grateful for the internet, which gives me the ability to work from home, in my pajamas, this morning.

November 3, 2011: I am grateful that I have a good job that is challenging & interesting, if not necessarily catering to my life interests.

November 2, 2011: I am grateful for the architect, who is simply wonderful. He picks up the household slack when I’m busy with schoolwork, brings me chicken fingers on his way home from work, and is simply the most wonderful husband I could ask for…

November 1, 2011:  I am grateful for my (so far, knock on wood) easy and wonderful pregnancy

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