Houston, we have flushing!

This morning, like a kid on Christmas who believes in Santa, I waited for the plumber. He arrived 10 minutes late. (I later heard him call in to his plumbing company to confirm arrival and he said that although he forgot to call in right away, he was on time.)

I worked away in my home office, just a few feet away from the bathroom. Periodically, I would go downstairs to turn on the water for him & listen for yelling that would indicate something wasn’t hooked up right.

Three hours later, I heard the toilet flush.

A couple minutes after that, the plumber said, “I’m just going to go ahead & use the bathroom. I notice there’s no door, so don’t peek, okay?”

Confused and a bit aghast, I said, “Okay?”

And then, he inaugurated the toilet. Just feet away from me. With no door.

Is that weird? It seemed weird to me.

ANYWAYS – the bathroom is far from done – we still need to put in the shelves, finish painting, and tile the shower/tub region, but now we have a working toilet & sink. YAY!





Yay!  Best (bathroom-related) day ever!

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