Three (3!) Things Thursday

1. I am having a great week. I feel good. I’ve been sleeping well. I’ve been eating well. I wonder what the difference is? OH, yeah – maybe it’s the whole “going to bed by 10” and “getting up early” and “exercising every day.”  Despite my good exercise record, I have a small problem.  I rode my bike to work yesterday; the first time in AGES. Seriously. I don’t even remember the last time I did that. It’s not too bad of a ride, really. Just over 9 miles one way. And I got passed a lot. By young people and old people and a woman in skinny jeans riding a beach cruiser. On the way home, riding up the only significant hill of my round-trip commute, I had to shift into the lowest gear in order to keep peddling. I felt like my legs were made of lead. I am slow and it makes me sad. (Also making me sad: the way my sitting area starting hurting about 3 miles from home.) I need to be better/faster/stronger! I know that part of that is actually maybe biking more than every 3 weeks, but will that actually help with the faster, or am I doomed to average 13 mph on my commutes forever?

nothing ever blurs when I'm biking


2. I’m starting to feel that maybe, just possible, I am getting a handle on what I’m doing at work. I’m hampered by the lack of people to delegate to, and am anxiously awaiting the return of my office mate (she’s on maternity leave and apparently isn’t tired of her new baby yet), because dear gods, I need help. BUT, things are starting to fall into place. There are still things that give me a bit of anxiety – like the need to have an uncomfortable conversation with one of my delegees . Overall, however, I think I can do this.

So glad that I never need to have the confidence to do THIS job


3. My garden is growing like crazy! I just haven’t had the time to spend with it. Last night, I made a Tuna Niçoise-like salad. The spinach and arugula came from our garden, as did the potatoes. The green beans and tomatoes came from the CSA. The Parmesan cheese was homemade. The eggs were a gift (in trade) from Eric, a cohort in my grad program. The olive oil (lime flavored) and balsamic vinegar (fig!) used in the vinaigrette were local purchases. The tuna (in a can, not all fancy and seared, like the best Niçoise salads) is the only item in the salad of possibly questionable origin (although it was purchased at New Seasons, and I’m sure the tuna had a happy and complete life before being put in a can). I am hoping for some quality garden time this weekend. So many exciting things are happening!

Best salad ever

July 18, 2011: Baby Grapes!

Corn, beans & the hydrangea


Sungold Tomatoes

Squash Blossoms

Baby broccoli


The beautiful garden

July 19, 2011: The wildflower garden

* all photos were found by searching my 3 things key words for Creative Commons licensed photos at Flickr.

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