Three (3) Things Thursday

1. I would like to give a massive shout-out to Diet Coke for helping me get through this last week. I worked on Monday (supposed to be a vacation day) and many, many hours on Wednesday, and am looking forward to many hours today, and without my dear friend Diet Coke, this would not be possible.



2. Just when I’m about to throw in the towel, buy a VW van and check out to live off the grid (more or less, I’ll still have my van!), I find out that I am being honored in August as the most awesomest person in my department (a department that has tons of fancy scientists, no less!) and have been nominated for another award about how awesome I am. My picture is going to be in a PowerPoint presentation. Beat that, bitches!

3. Hiring someone to clean my house every 2 weeks is the best decision I’ve made recently. I feel so happy that tomorrow night, when I get home from book club, my house will be a sparkling wonderland of cleanliness instead of minefield of cat vomit.


(FYI: doing a Google image search for cats, maid costume does not get this result right away; good thing I had my safe search on at work….)

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