Shoesday! All About Me Edition…

Hello shoe lovers!

Today will feature only two pairs of shoes. This is because a) I’m inadequately prepared for today’s shoesday and b) today is a very special day for this gazelle.

Do you know WHY this is a special day?

Today marks exactly six months since my Damian-extraction.

I was told that the swelling would be gone and I’d be back to normal six months post surgery.

So, today I am unswollen and back to normal, right? RIGHT?

Well…..not so much. Many months ago, I had planned to wear heels to work on 4/5/11 to celebrate my newly normal foot. This morning, I looked at my rows of heels, all lines up patiently, just waiting to be worn, and I put on a pair of flat, not even really that work appropriate shoes.

If it had been warmer & not threatening rain, I might have grabbed my wedge sandals & worn those, but I didn’t want my poor toes to get cold.

The foot – it is still swollen. I am not ready for my half marathon in 4.5 weeks. I cannot wear dress shoes for any length of time if I want to actually use the foot the next day.

I do not know how much longer this will last. This foot madness. I am trying to be all Zen about it. At this point, there is nothing I can do about it. I cannot make it unswell faster. I cannot force it to like running lots of miles and then go out in consequence-free stilettos. (I also cannot EVER spell stilettos right the first time.)

I am taking this one day at a time. And, since my cute shoes are just going to have to wait a little bit longer for me than anticipated, I needed something to tide me over.

So – I bought these:

Jambu Cascade

Please note the fun little flowers on the heel. Also please note that there is a heel. These are nice and stretchy to fit my swollen foot, don’t stand out with my work clothes, and have flowers! Also, they have a great traction, so just in case my whole “learning to stand up straight” doesn’t make me more graceful, my shoes can keep me upright.


In addition to those shoes, I got a new pair of trail shoes. Mine were a couple of years old, had nearly 400 miles on them, and (most importantly) were making my toes sad.

I went in to get fitted, and my new trail shoes are size 7! (I’m typically a size 6 shoe person.) The new shoes are just like the old except, well, cleaner & bigger & the newer version.

New Balance 101

Mine are also not purple (they are a turquoise blue color instead). Aren’t they pretty? I’m taking them out for their first spin today! I hope that my toes and shins feel better with the new kicks!



Happy Shoesday!

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