Shoesday! All About Me Edition…
Shoesday! All About Me Edition…

Shoesday! All About Me Edition…

Hello shoe lovers!

Today will feature only two pairs of shoes. This is because a) I’m inadequately prepared for today’s shoesday and b) today is a very special day for this gazelle.

Do you know WHY this is a special day?

Today marks exactly six months since my Damian-extraction.

I was told that the swelling would be gone and I’d be back to normal six months post surgery.

So, today I am unswollen and back to normal, right? RIGHT?

Well…..not so much. Many months ago, I had planned to wear heels to work on 4/5/11 to celebrate my newly normal foot. This morning, I looked at my rows of heels, all lines up patiently, just waiting to be worn, and I put on a pair of flat, not even really that work appropriate shoes.

If it had been warmer & not threatening rain, I might have grabbed my wedge sandals & worn those, but I didn’t want my poor toes to get cold.

The foot – it is still swollen. I am not ready for my half marathon in 4.5 weeks. I cannot wear dress shoes for any length of time if I want to actually use the foot the next day.

I do not know how much longer this will last. This foot madness. I am trying to be all Zen about it. At this point, there is nothing I can do about it. I cannot make it unswell faster. I cannot force it to like running lots of miles and then go out in consequence-free stilettos. (I also cannot EVER spell stilettos right the first time.)

I am taking this one day at a time. And, since my cute shoes are just going to have to wait a little bit longer for me than anticipated, I needed something to tide me over.

So – I bought these:

Jambu Cascade

Please note the fun little flowers on the heel. Also please note that there is a heel. These are nice and stretchy to fit my swollen foot, don’t stand out with my work clothes, and have flowers! Also, they have a great traction, so just in case my whole “learning to stand up straight” doesn’t make me more graceful, my shoes can keep me upright.


In addition to those shoes, I got a new pair of trail shoes. Mine were a couple of years old, had nearly 400 miles on them, and (most importantly) were making my toes sad.

I went in to get fitted, and my new trail shoes are size 7! (I’m typically a size 6 shoe person.) The new shoes are just like the old except, well, cleaner & bigger & the newer version.

New Balance 101

Mine are also not purple (they are a turquoise blue color instead). Aren’t they pretty? I’m taking them out for their first spin today! I hope that my toes and shins feel better with the new kicks!



Happy Shoesday!

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  1. Your foot doctor probably feels like he is being stabbed in the heart every time you say stilleto. I like the cascades. I bought a pair like that and they looked rediculous on me. I liked them so much but I rarely wear them. I still have them too. It’s been about 10 years and I can’t bring myself to throw them away. Cute!

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