In which I discover that I am a vampire

Today was my last regular appointment in learning how to stand up straight. Although I have not yet mastered standing up, I have become proficient enough that we moved on to other things – such as the hyperextension in my elbows and lower back. We also talked about overall health issues, etc.

Each week when I’ve been in, my yoga-therapist has taken my pulse. Or at least attempted to take my pulse. I don’t actually really have one. I always knew my pulse was pretty weak, but didn’t realize that in a lot of people, you can feel the pulse by just lightly touching the wrist. Seriously. Did you know that? Are you one of those people?

I am not. My pulse is deep and light. (Actually, last time I went to the doctor for my annual lady bits check-up, the nurse couldn’t even take my blood pressure. Because my blood has no pressure.)

So, in addition to discovering that I am a wee bit odd in the blood pumping department (like that’s the only oddness I have), I also discussed my recent ridiculous craving for red meat. About once a month, I have been seriously, ridiculously, and strongly craving red meat. A lot. And in my head, it doesn’t even necessarily have to be cooked.

I dream about rare steak, and the thought of tiger meat makes my mouth water. The YT suggested that my cravings are probably due to low iron levels at that particular time of the month and that my body just wants blood.

So – no pulse? Check. Craving for blood that cannot be assuaged with a hamburger? Check. Burns in sunlight? I’ll let you know if the sun ever comes out again.

In the meantime, you might want to avoid showing me your neck and start eating a lot of garlic.

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