Shoesday! More Summer Shoes…

A colleague of mine just got back from Hawaii. He is all tan & happy & relaxed. Needless to say, I hate him just a little right now.

I actually don’t mind Oregon winter weather. The rain doesn’t bother me. I am much more bothered by the lack of daylight, and am finally starting to feel like we are really & truly having more light.

Sunday, some runner friends & I rated our favorite weather, in order of preference.

My vote:

  1. Warm & sunny
  2. Cold & sunny
  3. Warm & rainy
  4. Snow

The others preferred snow over warm & rainy. Because they are CRAZY!

ANYWAYS – back to my jealousy of warm, tropical beaches….I really want to wear sandals. I am about 3 weeks away from real shoes again (in my mind, this is an actual date – 6 months post surgery – as opposed to an arbitrary “that’s when the swelling should be mostly gone”). And I want sandals. Wedge sandals, in case I find myself in a sandy situation.

So, today, I am going to indulge myself & look at wedge sandals & imagine that my vacation next week is taking me somewhere warm & beachy as opposed to Seattle.

Franco Sarto Artist Collection 'Camino' Espadrille Slingback

I know I featured these last week, but I really like them. Seriously. I may have to actually buy these. But can they compete with the rest of today’s contenders? (Apparently I’m all about head to head battles – probably due to March Fug Madness.


Mia Brushetta

I like these. So brown & earthy & beachy. I like the stitching detail next to the braid.  Not sure, however, if they’re worth $79 to me…


Tahari Stasha

I love the heel on these, but again, are they worth $80 to me? There are so many awesome shoes coming up.


Dezario 'Brandy' Wedge

These are so pretty! And festive, what with the red, and the sparkly bits!  Also, I love a woven heel almost as much as a cork heel.


Børn 'Zee' Wedge Sandal

And red with cork! Don’t these make you want to wear them while sitting on a beach drinking an umbrella-garnished fruity cocktail? Just me?


Seychelles Purr

These just look like they’d go great with a colorful sundress for afternoon cocktails in the sun. Summery, but not too casual and neutral enough to wear with almost anything.


BP. 'Bowtye' Sandal

How fun are these? Cork AND a woven heel with cherries! So summery. And not too expensive.  These might have to come home with me.


BP. Cork Wedge Sandal

I am not sure why I love these so very much. Maybe it’s the cork heel. Maybe it’s the denim, but these are my favorite pair on this page. Am I crazy? Would you wear these? Would you mock me if I did?


And, finally – thanks to investigative readers last week, I was able to find those childhood shoes I lusted after, obtained, and then lost.

Dr. Scholl's Original

A few things:

  1. I’m not sure why I wanted these so bad as a wee lass (I must have been 10 or so), but perhaps because everyone else had them? Were these big in 1987 or something?
  2. I think the 2011 version of these shoes looks fancier than the ones I had as a child. I also think my childhood shoes were blue, not white. They may have also been knock-offs. And by “may have,” I mean “almost definitely were.”
  3. I’m not sure how I lost a pair of shoes. Maybe camping?
  4. I recently lost another pair of shoes. I left them at a yoga studio after my morning class (I had work clothes to wear out of the studio, but came dressed for yoga with my awesome puma slip-ons) and the next day they were gone.


So, I hope today’s shoes  made you long for warm, summery beaches, too! Happy shoe shopping!



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