Something funny….

I ran today. In Forest Park. On the trails (Wildwood!). And it was good.

I am still doing the walk/run Couch to 5K thingie.

I went for 38.5 minutes, and did about 3 miles.

That’s an average pace of 12:48 minute miles.

The thing is, that of those 38.5 minutes, I was only running for 24 minutes.

This, coupled with the last couple of runs I’ve done have led me to believe that although I have lost some stamina, I haven’t lost any speed. In fact, I looked at my last 5 trail runs before today. All were around a 12 minute mile. Before the foot injury, I was still coming in on the trails at an average of 11-12 minute miles.

Is it possible that I am getting faster? This is kind of awesome.

Muddy Shoes = Happy Gazelle!

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