Reverb Writing Prompt #13: Action

Prompt: Action. When it comes to aspirations, its not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. What’s your next step?

Author: Scott Belsky
Making Ideas Happen


Wait – it’s not just good enough to have grandiose ideas?

I have plans (and spreadsheets) for a lot of the things that need to happen.

Some things I can make happen (i.e. paying off the last vestiges of debt), some I can’t (getting my fabulous new job with all my dream requirements), but I can work towards. And that’s what I’m doing. Determining which is which and making sure that I am ready to take advantage of opportunities that come my way.

I know what I’m looking for. I have schedules. I just need to remain patient and open to possibility.

So – my action is mostly preparation. But that is a very good place to start.

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