Reverb Writing Prompt #10: Wisdom

(I have been slacking so three writing prompts for the price of one today.)

Prompt: Wisdom. What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out?

Author: Susannah Conway

I think that both the wisest and hardest decision I made this year was to back off marathon training, take it easy on my foot & schedule surgery.

I have trouble with backing off and taking care of myself. I have a problem with not meeting stated goals. And I have a major issue with my body telling me that I will not do something that I have planned on doing – something that has spreadsheets and calendars.

But – I did it. I backed off the running (after a painful & slow 15K and an even more painful & slow 10K). I dropped my marathon to a half marathon. Then a 5K. Then, I became an official spectator.

I took it easy all summer. Backing off workouts when I needed to. Wearing sensible shoes. Still pushing when I thought I could.

And here I am, almost 10 weeks post surgery, and, with the exception of the way my entire body hurts because of my mile of running (interspersed with walking) on Friday (i.e. two whole days ago), I am feeling pretty good. My foot still doesn’t fit into too many pairs of shoes, and probably won’t for a few months, but at least now I am on the mend. I can start pushing back slowly and am now someone who can build up the running instead of having to dial it back.

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