I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t continue gazing at my own navel, looking for more fluff. I feel like the questions were all the same. So, instead of just admitting that I wasn’t doing it & moving on to blog about the stuff I normally blog about, I decided to avoid.

Which (please forgive a last bit of navel gazing here), is actually a huge problem I need to work on.

When something seems unpleasant, even if the unpleasantness will last only a moment, I tend to avoid. Until the problem completely grows & expands & is no longer a tiny bandage that needs to be ripped off, but is now a nasty, scabby wound (at least in my imagination) that will require surgical intervention. (Sorry about the gross analogy – my foot hurts today).

SO – anyways – I am going to not reverb anymore. Unless something completely catches my eye. Which, since I think in the first half of the month I gazed at every last bit of lint in my navel, seems unlikely.


In good news – I completed week 1, day 1 of the couch to 5K program, and although I was a wee bit sore after, it wasn’t so bad.

Tomorrow will be shoesday & then the latest brew review will be posted this week as well.

Also tomorrow? Solstice. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy for it – I am ready for some lengthening days, people!

So – back to normal around here!

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