12/9/10 – Reverb Writing Prompt #9: Party

Prompt: Party. What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010? Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans.

Author: Shauna Reid
The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl


Before I get all serious, etc., I just want you all to know that I am totally BFFs with today’s author. And by totally BFFs, I mean that we’re friends on Good Reads, and she’s commented on my blog before (like six times, and yes, I did just go look that up) back in the days.

Also, in her question, she used the phrase “rocked your socks off,” which makes her pretty awesome.

AHEM! Away from the shameless name dropping and on to the writing.

I love a good party, you know (I even wrote about this yesterday). Except when I don’t.  Makes sense, right?

I’ve been to some fairly fantastic parties this year – a wedding, a few birthday parties, a Halloween Spooktacular, etc. But, the best party of them all, for myriad reasons, was the architect’s 40th birthday bash.

First of all, it was at my house, which makes me infinitely more comfortable. Secondly, it was my husband’s 40th birthday, which makes it incredibly special. And third – there were so many awesome people there! Just remembering this party puts an instant smile on my face.

There was food and drinks galore. Tres leches cupcakes and a red velvet cheesecake. There was also a VERY fancy piñata!

I loved hearing the steady streams of conversations between different groups of people.

Talk of architecture, running, cooking, drinking, politics, current events, music, art, theater.

There were so many wonderful sights, sounds and experiences:

  • The friends that showed up earlier than expected and then took over in the kitchen so I could dash upstairs and finish getting ready.
  • The variety of dress; from casual chic to “I just finished a run in Forest Park.”
  • The friends that helped me light the 40 candles that went out immediately upon taking the cake outside.
  • The fun & funky play list, created by the kick-ass neighbors, especially for this party.
  • The people who made sure I had a drink and a plate of food and time to enjoy the party.
  • The smells of the fire and the pops as the piñata, after being passed ’round and worn as a mask, burned away merrily at the end of the evening.
  • The sounds of more subdued conversations as the party wound down, and a few stragglers sat in the living room well past midnight, not ready to leave.

The best part, by far, though was the look on the architect’s face as he enjoyed his 40th birthday with a group of people who were excited to celebrate with him – excited to celebrate him.

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