I Almost Forgot!
I Almost Forgot!

I Almost Forgot!

You guys! Here we are, 8 weeks post foot surgery, and I totally almost didn’t even do a foot update! BAD AMY!


So – the good: my crutches have been put away, out of sight!

The better: It no longer hurts to walk on hard surfaces barefoot!

The best: I can wear a larger variety of shoes.

The betterest: The swelling, while still present, is significantly better.

The grossest: My suture scabs all fell off & my foot looked like a molting snake for about four days.

The not too gross: The suture area is still very bruisy & tender, which makes wearing my clogs painful at the end of the day.

The activity-est: I walked almost a whole mile on Sunday! And I can almost walk downstairs like a normal human being again!

Yay, feet!


  1. Justin

    Glad it is feeling better Amy! Also, glad that Zoey didn’t set back your recovery by too many months. I have new sympathy for your plight as my knee is swollen and telling me I can’t run. Bodies shall not rebel!

    1. I think she fixed the foot, actually. Although it didn’t feel good Thursday night, by Friday morning, I could walk on our hardwoods without pain. You should rent her out as a healing pupster! “Her methods are unorthodox, but results are guaranteed!”


      I’m sorry to hear about your knee! Take care of it & take it easy.

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