Some Assembly Required

What a busy weekend! I had planned it to be my weekend of relaxation & anti-social behavior, but once again, things did not quite work out that way!

Friday started off slowly – homework & yoga. I couldn’t leave home, due to the fact that my fancy new phone was out for delivery!

Finally, it arrived! And then, we made out for a while. Because it is awesome.

Behold – the phone of wonder!

I amused Twitter & myself by making “this is the Droid I have been looking for” jokes.

After sufficient alone time with my new phone (it has a kindle app! and weather! and facebook!), I finally got around to doing some work.

I waxed philosophical my cheeses!

Waxing the cheeses was so much fun! Definitely my new favorite part of cheesemaking. (Ordinarily, one wouldn’t wax a Parmesan cheese, but if they are around 2 lbs or less, waxing keeps them from getting TOO hard.)

Then, I headed out for a happy hour to celebrate a couple brand new half marathoners! Yay!

Saturday morning, I did a trail run with the Ambitious One – it was her 2nd trail run to date, and it was awesome. I ran about 4.75 miles; but she did almost 7 miles! So fancy!

Saturday afternoon, the architect & I headed to the wilds of Washington State to attend his work picnic. It was fine, as far as events of that type go. I am not a big fan of forced, organized fun (such as sack races & balloon stomping games), and we didn’t stay too long.

Once we got home, I started a new batch of Cheddar. That took just about 2.5 hours from milk to hanging (the stage right before pressing).

Sunday, the architect & one of his friends went off on a long hike, and left me alone for the day. I grocery shopped, then made six pints of ridiculously hot tomatillo salsa (I ran out of sweet peppers, so just went ahead & substituted more hot peppers).

It took a LONG time to husk & chop nearly 16 cups of tomatillos (all from the garden).

After that was finally done, I made a spicy queso blanco (no photos of this apparently), and then made dinner for the hungry men – turkey sausages, corn on the cob, and purple mashed potatoes. Peach cobbler & ice cream for dessert.

I really need to get my camera fixed so that when the architect runs off with our fancy-ass digital SLR, I can still document all of my kitchen adventures!

I think I need more weekend days to get everything done!


Recent Comments

  • Justin
    September 13, 2010 - 1:50 pm ·

    The solution to your camera problem is in opening to this post, your new smart phone can surely take passable photos when you don’t have the slick SLR.

    Mmmm, cheese and salsa.

    • gazelle
      September 13, 2010 - 1:52 pm ·

      My phone took the waxed cheese & salsa photos, so I am using it. However, I really would like my little digital to work again, too! (The phone doesn’t take very good pictures in the dark – the flash isn’t that great.)

  • Alisa
    September 14, 2010 - 7:19 am ·

    Ooooh I hope I get to taste (even a tiny sliver) of your cheddar once it’s ready.

    Have you ever made grape jelly or jam?

    Also, trail run was amazing, can’t wait to do another one. Thanks for not killing me =).