Brew Review #19 – Migration Brewing

Our 19th Brew Review (holy crap! 19!) was at Migration Brewing in NE. Due to a number of factors, I have neither photos NOR tasting notes. (Those factors include: my camera is still broken, it was 1 million degrees & I was in a hurry, thus forgetting both paper & pens, and I kind of suck.)

Fortunately, there were few enough people and few enough beers that I think, since it’s been less than a week, that I can do a fairly decent job of it.

Migration is a fairly new brewery in Portland (which is why we didn’t hit them during the Ms – they weren’t quite ready yet), but I sincerely hope they make it.

The space is fantastic. Truly, truly great. They have great outdoor seating which flows from the indoor seating really well – Amnesia-ish style.

I didn’t eat, but the food looked great (and my friends who did eat seemed to enjoy it). Their menu is kinda awesome – a brie plate & the caprese sandwich were the most popular at my table.

They had three of their own beers on tap:

  1. Migration Pale – it was amber-ish and only mildly hoppy. This is the only one that I didn’t have a full pint of, although it was quite tasty. Everyone who had it liked it!
  2. Cream Ale – I had two pints of this; it was perfect for the 1 frillion degree weather; it wasn’t quite as flavorful as one could’ve hoped, but for someone who doesn’t generally like pales/creams, I have to say, I really did enjoy it.
  3. The Honeydew Pale – this was a lot better than I thought it was going to be. I hate fruity beers. But this? This was good. It could’ve been the bajilliion degree temps, but it was cold & refreshing & so, so tasting.

Jeff over at Beervana just review the same three beers, and his descriptions are full of much more knowledge than mine (he is a professions beer reviewer – I’m just an amateur), and he has much better critiques! However, his critique of the honeydew kind of covered why I liked it instead of hated (I don’t want any more sweet fruityness in my beers!).

They also have a number of interesting guest taps – in case their beer isn’t your cup of tea…errr…beer.

AND – they have movie nights every Wednesday – last night was Strange Brew. Next week? The Three Amigos.

This place is pretty awesome!

I am really anxious to make another trip back there – so if anyone is super sad that they missed this review & wants to go check it out, let me know. I’d love to meet you there!

Next up is another step back in the alphabet – Hair of the Dog has (finally) opened their tasting room, so we’ll be checking it out in September. I usually send the invites out over Facebook – let me know if you want to be included!

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