Training Goals – 5/10/10 – 5/16/10

Training Goals: 5/3 – 5/9

Monday: Weights + yoga – half SUCCESS! I lifted weights! and used the rowing machine! And then couldn’t lift my arms over my head for three days.

Tuesday: Run (with the Ambitious One!) – SUCCESS! Mostly – I did my run (4×800), although not with the Ambitious One – due to hail.

Wednesday: Triple Day! Swim + Spin class + post-spin brick run – SUCCESS! I swam 1800 yds in the morning, did my spin class AND did a 2 mile brick run after. Yay!

Thursday: Swim + self-defense class w/ Jenhalf SUCCESS! I ended up getting caught up in work & didn’t get a chance to swim, but I did go to the extremely awesome self defense class, which was quite a workout!

Friday: Run or bike – FAIL! I did homework & shopping (and happy hour with some of my best girls – pics tomorrow) instead. Boooo!

Saturday: Bike (if I didn’t on Friday) or rest – SUCCESS!  The Ambitious One (who is definitely living up to her name) rode her bike over to my house Saturday morning & then we rode 30 miles together. Then she rode home! She went 50 miles. And people – she is a powerhouse! Riding back on Marine drive, into a crazy-ass headwind, she just…disappeared into the distance.

Sunday: Run – 4 miles. – FAIL! I did NOTHING! I am a lazy, bad person. 🙁 (Other things I didn’t do involved not remembering to call my mom for Mother’s Day. Seriously – I suck.)

Training Goals: 5/10 – 5/16

Monday: Rest (originally, I’d planned to make up yesterday missed run today – but had forgotten that I already had plans tonight. BOO!)

Tuesday: Run (with the Ambitious One!)

Wednesday: Triple Day! Morning spin class + post-spin brick run (I am graduating to the 60 minute spin class), evening Open Water Swim (brrr…..) with the Ambitious One! I am excited to test out the wetsuit for the first time!

Thursday: Swim + self-defense class w/ Jen

Friday: Weights + Yoga

Saturday: Bike

Sunday: Run – 4 miles.

I tend to peter off on my plans toward this weekend, so this week I am going to make a concerted effort to stay on target!

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