Training Goals – 4/5/10 – 4/11/10

I didn’t do training goals for the last couple of weeks, due to Damian and the foot of despair (and also, due to much sulking).

So – starting all fresh.

I had a good 5.5 mile run today – 10:29 average pace, which I’ll definitely take. My lungs were ON FIRE at the end of the run – apparently it’s been awhile since I’ve made them work that hard. However, my foot felt okay until the  very end, and even then, it wasn’t Damian that hurt so much as one of my blood blister areas. I am full of hope.

So, my goals are to run (x3), bike (x2), swim (x2), yoga (x1) and lift weights (x1). That is nine workouts in six days, which when I think about it like that, kinda freaks me out. BUT, since I have three day weekends every weekend, it does give me more freedom to do a few doubles on the weekends.

Training Goals: 4/5 – 4/11

Monday: Swim

Tuesday: Run (with the Ambitious One! Yay!)

Wednesday: Double Day! Swim + Spin class (for real. I will go to the 30  minute spin class at my gym. I will not chicken out & skip it. I promise.)

Thursday: REST! WOO!

Friday: yoga + trail run

Saturday: bike + weights

Sunday: Race for the Roses half marathon. I will not be attempting to PR this race. My only goals are to finish and to not get a PW. That just means that I have to come in under 2:25:00. I think I can do that. (I am, however, planning on attempting a PR at the Eugene Half Marathon. Just sayin’.)

Stay tuned tomorrow to see if you won the Pearl Izumi OpTik cycling jacket (and if you haven’t entered to win yet, you have until midnight tonight! Enter now!)

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