Taper Madness
Taper Madness

Taper Madness

So – when other people started talking about they way they felt during taper, I dismissed it. I knew I’d be fine. After all, I’m not a marathoner (yet), and I’m actually RELIEVED to taper – no more multiple hour runs for a couple of weeks.

Oh my god, y’all. I’m not sure if this is the alleged taper madness that is making me type in a southern dialect AND WANT TO USE ALL CAPS ALONG WITH ALL OTHER FORMS OF OBNOXIOUS FORMATTING OPTIONS but I am a wreck.

I am pretty sure that

  1. I did not run enough miles to run a marathon
  2. I did not run fast enough to finish a marathon
  3. That twinge I felt just now? In my knee? Probably fatal.
  4. What the hell is wrong with my feet? Why do they hurt?
  5. I don’t want to run today. *whine*
  6. Dammit, I want to run today, why can’t I run today?
  7. Does my back hurt? Did I pull a muscle?
  8. Am I going to miss my plane? What if I miss my plane? Oh my god, I’m going to miss my plane!
  9. I won’t be able to finish. Not on just one 20 miler.
  10. I will probably die.

So, am I crazy? Or is this what you seasoned marathoners were talking about? Or both?



  1. Alisa

    Seriously you are going to be FINE! You are feeling the effects of taper-time…you ran plenty fast enough (hello, faster than me and I’ve done 3 marathons), you ran plenty of miles, your feet/back/knee/etc are all phantom pains that will go away on race day if not sooner, you are NOT going to miss your plane, you are going to FINISH the mo fo and live to tell us all about it!

  2. Eliza

    I obviously cannot help soothe your marathon nervousness, because from the title, I thought this post was about candles. Soooo… yeah. I’m sure you’ll do very well, though. You are a determined woman who has already accomplished lots in the past couple years, fitness related and otherwise. Plus, you followed a training plan because it’s proven to work. Trust it, trust you. And have fun!

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