Training Goals – 8/10 – 8/17

First the recap (as always)

August 3 – August 9, 2009

Monday: Strength training post-work.  – FAIL! I skipped it. Because I am lazy. And decided to keep with my scheduled Mondays off, you know, for consistency’s sake.

Tuesday: morning track workout. This time I will not do a mile time trial, and instead will try to get through the paces consistently. – SUCCESS! I did a 5.6 mile (total with warm & cool) track workout, and my paces were consistent. YAY!

Wednesday: bike to work, I think. Maybe a swim? – SUCCESS! I did bike to work. And home! Go me!

Thursday: easy morning run, PM yoga. – SUCCESS! The Ambitious One & I had a great post-work hill run, 4.2 miles.

Friday: trail run – it’s been a few weeks, I’m really looking forward to it. – SUCCESS! I had a great 6.1 mile trail run on Wildwood. I love the trail running!

Saturday: bike ride with the architect, bikram with JM I think. – Hmmm….fail. I did nothing of note on Saturday. Only REAL fail day, I think.

Sunday: long run – 16 miles. – Super SUCCESS! Great 16 miler. I am not sure I am enjoying the long runs, but I am getting through them. And from what I understand, it will be very helpful come marathon day. 🙂

August 10 – August 17, 2009

Monday – REST! WOO! Except that I’m also going to my first swimming lesson. But it’s not super active, so it’s mostly rest.

Tuesday – morning track workout.

Wednesday – bike to work, maybe a swim post-work.

Thursday – morning crazy weights, 30 minutes on dreadmill, PM yoga.

Friday – 18 miles.

Saturday – we’ll be in the woods camping, so likely a long, long hike.

Sunday – morning trail run.

This week I am going to concentrate on icing and stretching.  15 minutes of stretching EVERY NIGHT. Icing every night, too. I have no excuses (come back tomorrow to see why!). I also need to go back to my regular pre long-run & race meal – PIZZA & 1 beer. Saturday night, I went to a potluck picnic, and ate a variety of things (plus 1 beer) that just weren’t fueling me properly. Although I did try my new salt tablets for the 16 miler, and I really think they made a difference in my recovery! Definitely going to be keeping up with those!

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