Product Review – POM! Wonderful

A few weeks ago, I got an email from Janny at POM Wonderful wondering if I wanted to try their 100% pomegranate juice. Being the freeloader giver that I am, I of course said yes! I wanted you all to reap the benefits of my sacrifice.

A few days later, a case (yes, a case) of POM arrived at my house. The architect followed the box’s instructions and put the whole thing in the fridge.

Upon arriving home, I immediately delved into my product review duties and drank an 8 oz bottle of POM. It was delicious! I was not surprised by that. I love cranberry juice, and this is not quite as tart. The inevitable comparison to cranberry juice led to some interesting bartending experiments.

My opinion – POM does not substitute well into a cosmopolitan. The triple sec makes it way too sweet – almost cloying. However, simply mixed with vodka and served on the rocks, it is a terrific cocktail.

However, as wonderful as POM is in a cocktail (and it is good), I found that it is an excellent post-workout beverage (sans vodka). I downed the last two over the weekend. One post swim/trail run on Friday and one post 14 miles on Sunday. Both days I felt that it aided my recovery.

This stuff was fantastic! The only thing it doesn’t have that I think it should is more vitamin C. Which, you know, is probably not something we can do anything about. It does have a myriad of other (well researched with footnotes & everything) health benefits – especially for you men! It’s good for the prostate AND for erectile function! It’s good for the heart and has plenty of antioxidants – which is probably the part that made it such a good recovery drink.

I did decide yesterday that I want to make a recovery smoothie with Silk Chocolate soymilk, POM and maybe bananas…..that sounds like heaven to me!

So – my advice? Buy some POM next time you come across it at the supermarket (if it’s not too expensive – the one thing I haven’t done yet is check out the price….in these days of personal economic downturn, we tend to buy as cheap as possible for those who like to eat well). It’s great for post-workout recovery AND mixes very well with vodka.

Thank you Janny & POM for letting me try your juice!

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