Corn Chronicles (Part 387.3)

The taller corns grew like weeds this week! The combo of weekend rain and a warmer early week have inspired a humongous growth spurt.

The sun was super bright, so this is kind of a crappy photo, but look how much they’ve grown. This is the corn the first time I stood among it for photos:

On June 3, Carrie Corn was 18″. Last week (June 17), she was 35″. Yesterday, she was 55″! That’s a 3-ft growth in 3 weeks, and a 20″ spurt in just the last 7 days!

On June 3, James Corn was a wee 7″. June 17, he was 20″. Yesterday, he was only 24″, so he is not growing as fast as some of his siblings. I think he’s just not getting much light anymore. Poor James Corn!

I don’t have pics of the rest of the garden for you today, although exciting news! Some of my potatoes are blooming, and that means that somewhere under there, baby potatoes are being born!

The peas are about done. The spinach is nearing the end of its lifespan. A few early onions have been picked & eaten (and I attribute Saturday’s delicious guacamole to the fact that it contained homegrown onions!), and the green beans are approachingn eatability.

The squashes continue to do well, as do the black beans. I expect to see wee baby tomatoes & peppers any day now.

And Tuesday evening, the architect & I had this for dinner:

Surprisingly, there’s a lot of stuff to do at work when you only come in for a couple of days.  Between that & school work, I feel a bit reclusive this week.

Hope everyone’s having a good Thursday!

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