Photo essay Monday!

I spent most of Saturday working in the garden & yesterday afternoon enjoying the fruits of my labor.  Everything is planted now EXCEPT the things that don’t like the temps below 45 (tomatoes & peppers).

The row in front is my beautiful garlic, after that is yellow onions, followed by a row of spinach. the empty looking row is not actually empty – it has green onions & radishes, and then the next row is peas. There is a second row of peas behind it (they are not up yet) then 2 rows of beens, and then three rows of varying greens mixed with carrots & beets (they are all sprouting, they’re just not showing up in photos yet – kinda shy). The middle section of the garden is mostly empty except for the broccoli. The back section of the garden is 1/2 corn & 1/2 experimental stuff – things I’ve never grown but thought might be cool. I have two rows of black beans, a row of brussels sprouts & a row of leeks. Once stuff starts going away in the fall, I’m going to plant some cabbage-y things (kale, probably) as winter cover & winter veggies. Although no kale in the green smoothies!

The tree in front is a Hawthorne tree given to us by a neighbor. The raised box on the left is my squash box (butternut, acorn, pumpkins, yellow summers, zucchini & cucumbers), and the one on the right is wildflowers. The sticky-up parts are the under construction grape/hops arbor.

This is my herb garden – visible right now: sage in the bottom left, rosemary & oregano in the center, mint in the middle right, thyme at the top right, some random flowers that ended up here. Not visible – the basil (too cold!) the parsley (not up yet) and the cilantro (too cold!).

Strawberry & rhubarb! Also lavender, tulips, some grasses, daffodils, a rose at the top. That’s all my edibles except for the blueberries, which I failed to photograph.

So – on to random pretty pics:

I will probably post more pics as the veggies get bigger & the front fills in a bit (it’s just a baby front garden – this is it’s 2nd spring – so it’s a bit patchy yet).

And, because I’ve been promising for weeks – the big tattoo reveal:

The shadows are a little odd on my back – there isn’t actually a giant bruise-colored cloud coming out of my gazelle’s mouth, but yeah, he’s totally kicking up a dust cloud ’cause he’s running so fast!

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