Taking a Poll – Tattoo #3

As I mentioned Sunday, I am getting my next tattoo the end of this month. I know what I’m getting & what I want it to look like. I’ve sent my ideas to my artist and hopefully will hear back from him soon.

The only thing I’m not completely decided on is location of the tattoo. I have one highly visible tattoo, and for this one would like to be a bit more low-key.

I am currently debating between an upper leg tat (upper right thigh, just above the knee) or lower back (not tramp-stamp low, but mid-low back).

The tattoo?

A gazelle, of course! A running gazelle, actually – with little poofs of ‘eat my dust’ behind it – with a kinda more graphic/tribal look (b&w).  I’d thought about the thigh, because of the legs & the running, etc. But, I don’t think that will look quite right.

The lower back might be kinda cool – having a gazelle run across my back!

Do you have an opinion? Thoughts? Suggestions? I’m not guaranteeing that I’ll follow your suggestions, but as I’m trying to decide, it doesn’t hurt to get more feedback.

12 responses to “Taking a Poll – Tattoo #3

  1. Mid back could be kind of cool. it could imply speed and agility as you blow past people during a race. as long as it’s small and off-center.

  2. Coming from a girl who has her entire back covered in tattoos…get it on your back.

    But I’m biased I guess.

    • I don’t have any back tats yet – and definitely want some. I’d originally thought leg due to the running/legs connection….just don’t want it to look weird.

  3. I have lots of ideas, but i’m laughing as thinking about how to write them all soo… no comment.

  4. i like the lower back!! i have one there and its my favorite spot out of all of mine 🙂

  5. I have a cool butterfly on my left back, just below my shoulder. How about there?

    Or not? Gazelle runner! How cool!!! Photos please!

  6. I’m jealous. The end. I have a tattoo and it needs some friends.

  7. Whereever it will hurt the least?! I’m not a needle fan…though that didn’t stop me from piercing the belly button (twice)…long story.

    If I ever do an iron man, that’s the one tatoo I’d get.

    I guess, to answer the question at hand…leg since it’s a running Gazelle.